Innovations for the metal-producing and metalworking industry

Product areas

lib/fiwa/images/produkte/KWA/Tropfen1b.pngOur customers in the metal-producing and metalworking industry benefit from our many years of experience and specialization in this area.

With our solutions for weighing, measuring and monitoring, you are assured that your production equipment is in good condition at all times. Our iMES CC production management system integrates seamlessly and flexibly into your production process and provides end-to-end monitoring, control and optimization of your production. Our tried-and-tested backpressure-independent mixing and gas dispensing systems can also meet the most demanding requirements for product treatment.

See for yourself – we would be pleased to provide you with individual advice on our products and solutions to assure your successful production.

Production equipment

The fiwa)group is your partner for all processes related to production equipment, production management and product treatment.


Weighing technology

Innovative developments and new approaches enable the highly precise weighing of heavy loads, even under severe environmental and working conditions.
We offer a wide range of solution options for exact weight determination for both new and existing plants and existing furnaces.

High-quality, innovative weighing systems for:

  • Production furnaces such as rotary drum, melt, conversion and  holding furnaces with capacities up to 800 tonnes
  • Crucible and pan systemslib/fiwa/images/produkte/KWA/Tropfen_viele.png
  • Bulk goods weighing
  • Dynamic weighing
  • Distance, force and tension measurement
  • Custom solutions

Wireless temperature measurement technology

The latest technologies and advancements allow us to think outside known limits and restrictions.

  • Temperature measurement up to 600 °Clib/fiwa/images/produkte/KWA/Tropfen_quer.png
  • Wireless communication
  • Custom solutions on request

Identification technology

Identification of production equipment, transport routes, product additives and end products is becoming increasingly important for fault avoidance and documentation.
We offer a full spectrum from feasibility studies to turnkey all-in solutions:

  • Batch identification
  • Carrier identification
  • Form identification
  • Route and journey documentation

Health, safety and environment (HSE)

The first priority is to recognize and eliminate hazard sources, avoid potential hazards and carry out production in conformance with legal requirements. The fiwa)group is your reliable partner for:

  • Conformity declarations (CE mark)
  • Hazard analyses
  • Workstation assessment
  • Risk assessments

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